<span class="vcard">Stephanie Shorr</span>
Stephanie Shorr

Coffee – a pleasurable addiction..

I’ve made it a significant part of my life’s quest to eat healthily and focus on food with benefits.
However, I am far from perfect and I have to admit, finally, I have an extremely addictive personality – although it goes much deeper than “personality” – it seeps into the deep recesses of the my visualized soul/cell barrier (kind of like the blood/brain barrier).
I realized this yesterday, as I suffered through a day of headache pain so severe I was sure I could die, that had the nerve to occur because I had cut back on coffee (which I adore) too quickly.
I couldn’t eat the entire day and for me, that never happens! If I don’t have breakfast I become sad and morose. I may eat less some days but food is required. I believe in intermittent fasting, but only from after dinner til breakfast, ideally like 7 or 8 pm to 7 or 8 am.

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