A new day..
A new day..

A new day..

So Valentine’s Day was a huge sugar and saturated fat hit; I enjoyed every minute of the love and deliciousness and today I make amends.
I mean, I’m 69 and when I think of how cars looked when I was born I realize that’s quite a time span.
I’m so grateful to be here and I realize now more than ever, the care of my body has to be a major priority.
Maintain and improve health – my goals..
Today is a new day!
I ditched my prized, start-of-the-day cup of coffee with frothed oat milk and 1 sugar, well, 2, but cutting back.. 🙂
Instead, I enjoyed a delicious, hot matcha + green tea. Much more virtuous, no sugar, no creamer, all those green tea benefits needed now..
A good start..

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