Stephanie Shorr


About Mentoring for Art & Health

Mentoring for Art & Health One-on-One is all about you.Would you like private art mentoring sessions?Do you feel you’re attaining your optimal health?Are you satisfied you’re providing your castle (your body, that is)
with everything possible to maintain and improve your health?Your choice, or choices – I’m here for you, as your coach, your confidant, your cheerleader..
Thursdays @ 1:00 pm: 1-on-1 Art &/or Health Mentoring
Individual coaching for art and health, or either one!

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About Getting into the Art Zone

Getting into the Art Zone is about my livestream demos where we’ll be entering a zone where we can balance the overload of our current existence with the practice of art.It’s science! Practicing art can improve mental health, reduce stress and increase happiness. Just like we practice physical activity, yoga and meditation, we’ll be practicing art.It’s more like artplay than artwork..Let’s find the “rainbows in our clouds” as Maya Angelou wrote..

Tuesdays @ 1:00 pm: Getting into
the Art Zone

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