At Least 8 Hours of Sleep to Improve Health and Productivity

I was amazed when I spent 8 1/2 hours in bed, 7 1/2 hours were sleeping, 1 hour was meditating, and I had so much more energy for the entire day. I even tackled (and completed) projects I had procrastinated about! It was very satisfying.
Something so simple, and obvious improves mental and physical health..and it’s free! This is a no-brainer. I know I need to pay more attention to the care and feeding of my physical body. I’m often distracted by the non-stop interference of my busy, busy mind, always ready with something else I ‘“need” to do.. with my body running behind, trying to keep up with my right-brained non-stop torrent of what I need to do next.

A book I read while quarantining in a sublime straw-bale house I rented while in northwest Colorado taught me to observe my mind from my awareness. It changed everything for me! Instead of constantly reacting to my thoughts, I positioned myself behind them, taking them all in and letting go where appropriate. Now there was a light going on – I had thought my mind was directing me; I learned that the mind is always trying to improve your situation and sometimes it’s hard to get clarity in the middle of all that hubbub. I found that viewing my mind from my awareness, like a calm and silent Buddha, allowed me to review and resolve situations and improve outcomes. Much better for mental and physical health..