My computer is my new lover. I said it, and it’s true. I know because my iMovie just saved directly into DropBox and I swear I had an ecstatic moment. I say “computer, but I mean “devices” – I’m in heaven – laptop, iPad, phone-on-a-stand – all around me, speaker playing Midnight Marauders from my phone..nothing better. I’m in my home office!
Besides the fact that I’m sure I’m being doused with excessive electro-magnetic radiation, I’m in absolute heaven! And every spare minute I have I head over to paint or draw on Procreate. I feel like I’m writing an ad about this app but it’s so art studio in a box! I’ve been working on them a lot, so multiple digital lovers? The iPad is the star, for sure..

Life in the Time of Corona requires thinking outside of the box in many ways.. This mixed media piece started with a flattened Cuisinart box, the shape is so interesting. Gessoed it and attached many other flattened boxes; they’re lined up on it, it looks like a cityscape.. this is inspired by my fascination with all things die-cut. Many layers of color and other items to come..❤

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